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Motion Pictures
Production Design
Props / Sets
  • On the Day that I Died feature film
  • Custom retailored Marine Corps uniforms for bulldogs! The famous Gunny Monster.
    Custom Marine Corps Uniforms for Canines
  • delux custom velvet santa suit
    Deluxe Custom Velvet Santa Suits
  • Custom Elves: Salt Lake Downtown Alliance
  • "RX Trivia" Waiting Room Commercial: Custom Set Design
  • Incroyables Coat: Custom Rock Star Clothing
  • Custom Steampunk Tailoring
  • Custom Pageant Costumes
  • Custom Boots and Spats: Kris Kringle the Musical
  • Custom Mascots: Ogden-Weber Area Technical College's "Randy Robotech"
  • Gaga
  • McGrew Studios' custom set design & build for @benschilibowl VRExperience for Felix & Paul Studios. Shown here: the film, Traveling While Black's producer @ayesha_nadarajah
    Sundance 2019: @benschilibowl-VRExperience Custom Set Design:
  • a custom table for BladeHQ's video series
    Custom Table: BladeHQ
  • Mosquito mascot's lighting effects have several settings and glows red with blood through its vinyl side abdomen "windows"
    Custom Mosquito Mascot: Spartan Mosquito
  • Alice_in_Wonderland_custom_costume_mcgrews_thumbnail
    Custom Alice in Wonderland: Perfectly Posh
  • custom queen of hearts costume for perfectly posh ceo
    Custom Queen of Hearts: Perfectly Posh
  • Custom renaissance bison hide shoes
    Custom Ren Faire Footwear
  • Making History: Victorian Dress
  • GIANT Convention Props: USANA 2016
  • Commercial Design: Polar Pillow
  • custom corset steampunk wedding
    Steampunk Halloween Wedding: Koleena & Eric
  • DGY Jousting in their new 2018 attire by McGrew Studios.
    Custom Jousting Attire: DGY Jousting
  • Custom Superhero Costume: Littlest Wonder Woman - Josh Rossi Photography
  • B-3 Leather Bomber Jacket Alterations
  • Mayflower Society Custom Pilgrim
  • Custom armadillo prop build by Hraefn Wulfson of McGrew Studios.
    Giant Armadillo: Custom Film Prop
  • Pennywise custom costume by McGrew Studios.
  • Custom costumes for Pluralsight's Zero and One with CEO Aaron Skonnard
    Custom Futuristic Costumes: Pluralsight video and Pluralsight Live 2017
  • campo chair with custom slipcover
    Our Famous Custom Slipcovers
  • Custom Corsets: Dozens of Roses
  • Custom Miniatures: The Temple
  • Vintage Mr. Peanut costume, restored and ready for action.
    Costume Restoration: Vintage Mr. Peanut
  • Custom Miniatures: Fyall- Wheel of Time
  • Custom Sock Mascot: Observepoint
  • Custom 18th Century Dress: Filmed in Utah Awards Show
  • "Butt Bumper" Commercial Costume and Props Design: FiftyFilms
  • Custom Miniatures: Godzilla's City
  • Custom Miniatures: The Last Man on Planet Earth
  • Custom Miniatures: EPICENTER
  • Custom MINIATURES: The Works
  • Custom Visa Card Costumes: America First Credit Union
  • Royal Manticoran Navy Custom Uniform
    Custom Tailoring: Royal Manticoran Navy Uniforms
  • Custom Mascots: Clinique
  • Custom Fancy Food Exhibit: Apriori
  • For USANA: BIG custom foam props w/ 3-d Screen Goo custom paint. USANA convention 2015.
    Giant Custom Stage Props for USANA
  • Custom Clerical Vestments
  • Big Custom Steampunk Guns
  • Juno, Wife of Jupiter: Custom Costume for USU's Ludi Romani Games
  • Custom Jacobean Period
  • Custom Tutus: Combat Ready
  • Custom Superheros: Mindy Marvel
  • Custom Wardrobe for Hair Shoots
  • Steampunk Vests for Men and Women
  • Mini-Me
  • Custom Pageant Gowns: 16th Century Miss Italy
  • Custom Headless Horseman: Rocky Mountain Outfitters' Haunted Wagon Rides
  • Headless Horseman's Ax: Fox Television
  • kroenen custom leather costume
    Custom Cosplay: Kroenen
  • Custom Corsets: Hand Painted Golliwog Glamour
  • Custom Assassin's Creed
  • Custom Rock & Roll Tribute Dresses: The Cramps
  • Custom Mascots: Rocky Mountain Power's "Slim" the Lineman
  • Magical Handmade Books
  • Custom Irish Dance Costumes: BYU
  • Swimwear Prototypes & Collections: Cirone Swimwear 2016 & 2017
  • Art Direction and Costuming: Punk's Dead
  • Production and Costume Design: FLIGHT FROM SHADOW
  • Custom Cosplay: Mad Moxxi
  • Custom Carnivale Costumes: Rio De Janeiro
  • Custom Superheros: Space Ghost
  • Custom Disney Princesses: Omniture
  • Custom Leather: ARSENAL Jacket and Quiver
  • Custom Megalithic Installation: Wizarding Dayz Convention
  • "The Sword Experience" Custom Set for "Highlander's" Adrian Paul
  • Custom Outdoor Sunbrella Covers
  • HMA (Hide My Ass) Commercial Costume Design: Chamber Media
  • Iconic Film Replicas
  • Barf Pockets
  • Production and Costume Design: GNASHING
  • Custom Tailoring
  • Weddings with Tradition
  • Xena Warrior Princess
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Costume Design: Legacy of the Force
  • Paint The Town Red
  • Flight From Shadow Sets & Props
  • Rockabilly Wedding
  • Steampunk Wedding Attire
  • McGrews Reimagined
  • Fantasy Con Pavilion
  • Highland Corset