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Custom costumes for Pluralsight's "Zero" and "One," with CEO Aaron Skonnard

Custom Futuristic Costumes: Pluralsight Live 2017 Video

Meet “Zero” and “One,” Pluralsight’s “future people” in their new custom costumes.

Appearing first in the stunning video above shown during Pluralsight Live’s opening session, they then arrived in person periodically throughout all three days of the event, intriguing and mingling with enthusiastic conference goers.

A full spectrum of colors enhanced the actors’ first set of costumes. A series of creative in-camera effects captured actors Phillip Istomin and Alexis Chanel being doused with paints and powders during the high frame-rate filming.

A great team includes the creators of the Pluralsight promo video,  JMills Entertainment.  Art direction and marketing by Adam Gunn, John Jensen and their colleagues at Pluralsight. Two sets of identical costumes for Zero and One custom built by Jennifer McGrew with Kelly Hawthorne.  Behind-the-scenes shots of the video shoot by Dee and Cory. Live performance scheduling logistics at the Grand America by Webb Event Production and the lovely Xenia Maritsas. On-location wardrobe tech and dressing by Jennifer McGrew.

‘Future People’ concept art: Pluralsight’s Adam Gunn
Prior to all the paint and color that doused them during the filming… One and Zero in their snappy new white future suits.
Initial paint splash on the costumes. Model Phillip Istomin gets some great air on that paint while smashing the ceramic container with a white sledgehammer. Model Alexis Chanel calmly observes.
A ‘before’ and ‘after’ set of custom costumes in the shop. All ready to head to the Grand America Hotel for Pluralsight Live


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