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Custom Tutus: Combat Ready

On stage, live at Area 51, 2007. Photo: Kelly Ashkettle.

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An unusual project from the archives, one for which a script did not even exist prior to the costumes being built.

Jen built the combat tutus specifically to produce a performance with choreographer extraordinaire, Julie McDaniel who directed this lovely group of dancers in 2007.

Fun fact for those who may not know: A ‘tutu’ is not a frilly skirt. A tutu is a two-piece garment that combines a fitted bodice with a frilled brief. Both are usually held together with hooks and are sometimes even sewn together.

The clever “Jewelry Massacres” are by artist Justina Parsons-Bernstein, who designed each to accompany a specific tutu.

The tutus and jewelry massacre ensembles have been presented in several gallery exhibits and are now part of the McGrews’ permanent collection.  

We can make one just for you in camouflage or other fabric of your choice. We can also make you a skirt instead of a tutu bottom (that has a frilled brief attached). Give us a call at 801-596-2210.


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