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Originally viewable at https://www.youtube.com/user/epicleveltv channel, these two videos can now be seen through the McGrew Studios youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5VyQpzn9jEd0UPhybsxHmA


Inspired by Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series,

Flight From Shadow  is a non-monetized film with big-budget production values.

This film’s screenplay by Blake Casselman is based on an early chapter from The Eye of the World, first in the epic Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan. BYU’s own Professor of Literature and renowned author Brandon Sanderson finished the book series after Jordan’s death.

Wheel of 9 Productions was formed, with executive producer Hraefn Wulfson and coproducer Jennifer McGrew overseeing the film’s extensive preproduction. The shop designed and executed the costumes, sets, props, miniatures and practical effects. McGrews donated the workspace plus funding to purchase the needed fabrics, leathers and costume materials plus lumber and hardware for set and prop construction.  Our staff, interns and friends in our creative community donated many hours to build the film’s physical assets.  Dedicated, Utah-based filmmakers, actors and technical crew generously gave their time, expertise and equipment to this entire project. You can see the complete cast and crew credits on the film’s IMDB page here.

Our Flight From Shadow rough-cut debuted in February 2013 to excited audiences at Provo’s famous fantasy and speculative fiction literary conference, LTUE (Life, the Universe and Everything).

The final version of Flight from Shadow debuted on September 6, 2013 at Salt Lake Comic Con, along with  …And The Wheel Turned, a documentary about the making of the film.

Both are free for everyone to enjoy and share.

On the Flight from Shadow set. Mat and Rand, ready to run in full costume.

On the Flight from Shadow set. Mat and Rand in full costume, ready to run.


Flight from Shadow


Flight from Shadow

Set Photos

Abbie Warnock Photography


…of the Fantasy-Con pavilion under construction.


Interview with Hraefn Wulfson
on The Event Horizon last March
is available for podcast download.
It is Episode 4.

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