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Production Design, Art Direction
Custom Tailoring & Costumes

Script Analysis,
Sets, Props, Practical & VFX,
Patterns, Prototypes, Decor & Fabrication
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721 South 400 West

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At McGrews, our expertise is behind the crafting of fantastic story-telling. We design and build for stage, commercials, film, fashion, performers, conventions, museums, attractions, mascots, cosplay, interior design, architecture, businesses and educational institutions. As a design, fabrication and consulting operation, we partner with a wide range of other creatives on some of the coolest projects ever.

Prior to all the paint and color that doused them during the filming... Pluralsight's One and Zero in their snappy new white future suits.

We Specialize In:


*  Pre-production builds.

*  On-set management of your production’s physical assets.

*  Excelling at the most unusual design challenges.


Our creative leads are seasoned and our group has more than 200 years’ combined professional experience in design and fabrication.  McGrews has successfully served an exciting niche market through our Salt Lake City operation since 2001 and each of us has already lived and worked professionally in either L.A. or New York. We enjoy our quality of life here as we continue to provide fantastic custom builds to both coasts and around the world.


As our region’s top workroom, we make prototypes and patterns for other product and apparel developers. We also broker factory contracts when you’re ready to scale up. We produce our own films, we work and consult on others, and we can often be persuaded to be enthusiastic pinch hitters where no one else can solve the weirdest challenges.


We take on projects which interest us and fit into our schedule.  Typically, our team is booked out 3-6 months in advance all year, so we urge you to plan ahead for your larger event or film needs  To have us create an estimate, please call us at 801-596-2210. Please also feel welcome to use our contact form onto which you can upload images with your questions:)

“Hraefn, that set design is SICK. It’s amazing. Thank you so much!”
Adrian Paul

“These people might be magicians… or wizards… or something… My new costumes are amazing and they are the coolest people ever!”

Brent R.

“You guys saved my film. We were in a crazy situation and it wouldn’t have been possible without you…Thanks so much.”

James Merendino

“Thanks Jennifer McGrew for the awesome corsetry workshop. I DEFINITELY could not have done that without your awesome class! ”
Connie Misket

We’ve won other praise, too…

Our Film Flight From Shadow:
~ Winner of Four Filmed in Utah Awards ~

Our Salt Lake Tightlacer label:
~ Best Custom Corsets ~

Our clients ADORE us

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