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721 South 400 West

By appointment: 11am - 7pm, Tuesday through Saturday


Production Design, Art Direction,

Custom Tailoring & Costumes,
Sets, Props, Practical & VFX,
Patterns, Prototypes, Decor & Fabrication
~ For the Creative and Entertainment Industries~

At McGrews we specialize in custom costumes plus production design with sets, props, models, miniatures and effects for the entertainment industries.


 As a consulting and fabricating operation, we enjoy working with other creatives throughout a wide range of occupations.  Our expertise is behind the crafting of fantastic content and story-telling for conventions, films, museums, commercials, cosplay, fashion, attractions, interior design, architecture, businesses and educational institutions.


As our region's top production design workroom, we create patterns and prototypes for other designers and product developers, plus we broker factory contracts. We produce our own films, work and consult on others, and we are enthusiastic pinch hitters where no one else can solve the weirdest challenges.

Some of Our Work...

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Corsets and Waist Training
Cosplay & Characters
Motion Pictures
Production Design
Props / Sets
  • Custom Superheros: Littlest Wonder Woman - Josh Rossi Photography
  • Custom Tutus: Combat Ready
  • Custom Pageant Gowns: 16th Century Miss Italy
  • Custom Cosplay: Kroenen
  • Custom Corsets: Hand Painted Golliwog Glamour
  • Custom Assassin's Creed
  • Custom Boots and Spats: Holy Tap-Dancing Elves!!
  • Custom Elves: Salt Lake Downtown Alliance
  • Custom Rock & Roll Tribute Dresses: The Cramps
  • Custom Mascots: Ogden-Weber Area Technical College's "Randy Robotech"
  • Custom Mascots: Rocky Mountain Power's "Slim" the Lineman
  • Custom Corsets: Dozens of Roses
  • Magical Handmade Books
  • Big Custom Steampunk Guns
  • Custom Irish Dance Costumes: BYU
  • Commercial Design: Polar Pillow
  • Swimwear Prototypes & Collections: Cirone Swimwear 2016 & 2017
  • Custom Superheros: Mindy Marvel
  • Art Direction and Costuming: Punk's Dead
  • Production and Costume Design: FLIGHT FROM SHADOW
  • Custom Cosplay: Mad Moxxi
  • Custom Carnivale Costumes: Rio De Janeiro
  • Custom Superheros: Space Ghost
  • Custom Disney Princesses: Omniture
  • Custom Leather: ARSENAL Jacket and Quiver
  • Custom Megalithic Installation: Wizarding Dayz Convention
  • "The Sword Experience" Custom Set for "Highlander's" Adrian Paul
  • Custom Marine Corps Uniforms for Canines
  • Visa Card Costumes: America First Credit Union
  • Custom Outdoor Sunbrella Covers
  • HMA (Hide My Ass) Commercial Costume Design: Chamber Media
  • "Butt Bumper" Commercial Costume and Props Design: FiftyFilms
  • Headless Horseman: Rocky Mountain Outfitters' Haunted Wagon Rides
  • Headless Horseman's Ax: Fox Television
  • Our Famous Custom Slipcovers
  • Iconic Film Replicas
  • GIANT Convention Props: USANA 2016
  • Barf Pockets
  • Clinique Mascots
  • Production and Costume Design: GNASHING
  • Incroyables Coat: Rock Star Clothing
  • Mini-Me
  • Pageant Costumes
  • Custom Tailoring
  • Weddings with Tradition
  • Making History: Victorian Dress
  • Steampunk Vests for Men and Women
  • Apriori Fancy Food Exhibit
  • Giant Stage Props for USANA
  • Xena Warrior Princess
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Costume Design: Legacy of the Force
  • Costuming for Hair Shoots
  • Paint The Town Red
  • Flight From Shadow Sets & Props
  • Rockabilly Wedding
  • Jacobean Period
  • Steampunk Wedding Attire
  • McGrews Reimagined
  • Fantasy Con Pavilion
  • Gaga
  • Highland Corset

Our clients rave about us...

"Hraefn, that set design is SICK. It's amazing. Thank you so much!"
Adrian Paul

"These people might be magicians... or wizards... or something... My new costumes are amazing and they are the coolest people ever!"

Brent R.

"You guys saved my film. We were in a crazy situation and it wouldn't have been possible without you...Thanks so much."

James Merindino

"Thanks Jennifer McGrew for the awesome corsetry workshop. I DEFINITELY could not have done that without your awesome class! "
Connie Misket

We've won other praise, too...

Our Film Flight From Shadow:
~ Winner of Four Filmed in Utah Awards ~

Our Salt Lake Tightlacer label:
~ Best Custom Corsets ~

Our clients ADORE us

~ (More bragging on our events and press pages) ~

Our Custom Specialties Include:


*  Pre-production builds.

*  On-set management of your production's physical assets.

*  Meeting the toughest and most unusual design challenges.




Our CLIENTS are also awesome and diverse...

  • USANA 25 yr Anniversary
  • We Love You, Sally Carmichael!
  • Relationship Status
  • Stadium Links Golf
  • Slug Magazine
  • The Sword Experience with Adrian Paul
  • Aspen_Productions
  • Wizarding Dayz
  • Loveridge Machine Company
  • Delta Airlines
  • Chris Blackburn Photography
  • Josh Rossi Photography
  • Elevate Talent Agency SLC
  • Sleepy Hollow Haunted Wagon Rides
  • Utah Halloween Expo
  • Cosmic Pictures
  • Advantage Services
  • Salty Block Pictures
  • Usana Health Sciences
  • Cirone Swimwear
  • Natural History Museum of Utah
  • Sandy Gagan Fine Artist
  • Apriori Specialty Food Importing & Distribution
  • SLC Punk II: Punk's Dead
  • fiftyfilms
  • A Kurt Bestor Christmas
  • Kris Kringle The Musical
  • Debra Macfarlane Photography
  • Rocky Mountain Outfitters Utah
  • Perfectly Posh
  • Salt Lake Downtown Alliance
  • Lucky 13 Bar & Grill
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Rocky Mountain Rebellion
  • Fusion Io
  • Party Crashers
  • Gastronomy
  • Legacy of the Force
  • Gunny's Place
  • Omniture
  • Showtime
  • Riester / Rocky Mountain Power
  • Salt Lake Comic Con 2013
  • American Repertory Ballet
  • Bonneville High School
  • Carl Cherry Center for the Arts
  • Clinique
  • SwipeClock
  • Dark Horse Theater Company
  • Lunatic Fringe
  • Egyptian Theatre
  • Arrowstorm Entertainment
  • Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College
  • Hartnell College
  • Imagine Ballet Theatre
  • Killship Productions
  • Old Lyric Repertory Company
  • Pygmalion Theatre Company
  • Riester Advertising Agency
  • Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather
  • Rocky Mountain Power
  • Rose Wagner Center of Performing Arts
  • Salt Lake Acting Company
  • Sam's Club
  • Santa Catalina School
  • Slippery Kittens Burlesque
  • The Western Stage
  • Utah Arts Festival
  • wasatch orthodontics
  • Weber State University
  • faktory
  • nakedology
  • Provo Craft
  • Hopscotch
  • Flight From Shadow
  • Gnashing
  • Make A Wish Utah
  • Children's Miracle Network
  • The Kura Door Spa
  • Spector Dance
  • Amy Caron: Waves of Mu
  • Epoch Films
  • FanX
    Salt Lake Comic Con Fan XPerience
  • Wheel of 9 Productions
  • Galyntine: AMC Series Pilot
  • Salt Lake Comic Con 2014
  • Belle Armoire Magazine
  • Utah Secondary Schools: Career & Technical Education
  • Cosplay Competition: Salt Lake Comic Con
  • Brute Squad
  • Designer Keith Bryce
  • Salt Lake Tightlacer: McGrews' Famous Corsets & Gear

(The hundreds of individuals for whom we've created amazing things should have their own logos, too.)

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