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It’s all about the craftsmanship behind fantastic story-telling:

At McGrews we are designers and builders who shape narratives for film, stage, commercials, fashion, performers, conventions, museums, attractions, mascots, cosplay, interior design, architecture, businesses and educational institutions. 

As a design, fabrication and consulting operation, we partner with a wide range of other creatives on some of the world’s most  interesting projects.


McGrew Studios' custom set design & build for @benschilibowl VRExperience for Felix & Paul Studios. Shown here: the film, Traveling While Black's producer @ayesha_nadarajah

Traveling While Black‘s producer @ayesha_nadarajah in our custom set for Felix & Paul Studios’s @benschilibowl VRExperience at Sundance Film Festival 2019.

“Hraefn, that set design is SICK. It’s amazing. Thank you so much!”
Adrian Paul

“These people might be magicians… or wizards… or something… My new costumes are amazing and they are the coolest people ever!”

Brent R.

“You guys saved my film. We were in a crazy situation and it wouldn’t have been possible without you…Thanks so much.”

James Merendino

“Thanks Jennifer McGrew for the awesome corsetry workshop. I DEFINITELY could not have done that without your awesome class! ”
Connie Misket

We’ve won other praise, too…

Our Film Flight From Shadow:
~ Winner of Four Filmed in Utah Awards ~

Our Salt Lake Tightlacer label:
~ Best Custom Corsets ~

Our clients ADORE us

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Our “Littlest Wonder Woman” Costume & Props for Josh Rossi Photography

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