In McGrew Studios’ custom retailored US Marine Corps’ dress blues: The famous Toys for Tots and Marine Corps League spokesdog, Gunny Monster.
Custom re-tailored Marine Corps dress blues uniforms for your dogs. Shown here is “Gunny Monster,” famous mascot and spokesdog for the Marine Corps League and Toys for Tots.


McGrew Studios' custom set design & build for @benschilibowl VRExperience for Felix & Paul Studios. Shown here: the film, Traveling While Black's producer @ayesha_nadarajah
Custom Virtual Reality Experience set of the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl for Felix and Paul Studios’ Traveling While Black, directed by Roger Ross Williams.  Sundance Film Festival 2019.  Seated here: Producer Ayesha Nadarajah.


Custom costume: "Littlest Wonder Woman" photoshoot, Josh Rossi Photography.
Custom costumes for Josh Rossi’s “Littlest Wonder Woman” as featured in People Magazine and Inside Edition.

“You guys saved my film. We were in a crazy situation and it wouldn’t have been possible without you…Thanks so much!”
James Merendino

“…When I pull this out of the closet and put it on I realize it’s the most exquisite piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. It has a purpose…”
@dooce Heather B. Armstrong,

“Hraefn, this set is SICK! It is awesome!
Adrian Paul, The Sword Experience.

“Jennifer McGrew is one of the top costuming professionals. The depth of her knowledge and skills are formidable. If you need to work with the best then you should be calling Jen McGrew!
Bryan Brandenburg, Zenerchi, Salt Lake Comic Con.

We did production and costume design for for ALIEN COUNTRY: Feature film coming out in 2021.

We produced the 2020 feature film ON THE DAY THAT I DIED, now winning at film festivals around the world.

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In-person costume fittings, personal tailoring and script consultations are conducted all masked up, with hand sanitizer galore. In the warmer spring and summer months of 2021, we will do most of these outdoors under a covered patio.


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