Sales, Shipping and Privacy Policies:


When you become our client, we have forms that we mutually sign, reflecting the following:


We do not sell or share your your contact information with anyone. We also require your written consent for anyone other than you to discuss your project or your transaction. Your written consent is required for anyone other than you to see or pick up your custom order.

Non-Disclosure Agreements:

We frequently contract with many high-profile clients and their projects, some of which are subject to non-disclosure agreements that we sign. We will gladly sign your NDA as well, for your film build project, product development project, etc.

These agreements mean that neither our managers nor our shop staff are legally permitted to share details about your project with the public, social media or anyone else until you, the owners or producers, green-light these for public reveal.


We will ship a custom costume to you only if we’ve already seen you in person for measurements and fittings. Too many things can go wrong when tailoring for a body we’ve never seen and fit in person.

You Need to Visit Us in Person:

All custom orders require that you to come see us if you are commissioning a project. We do not take remote custom orders. You must pick up your finished items in person, or arrange to have someone pick them up for you. Your custom costume, gown or other item will generally require several fittings. We need to see you in person for these.

General Custom Services Agreement and Sales:

Your agreement to commission McGrews for custom design services is not a retail transaction. You are agreeing to pay in full for our custom services when you hire us to build something for you.

When you become our client, you are agreeing to hire McGrews for custom services including design and construction, pattern-drafting, tailoring, stitching, molding, casting, carpentry, etc.

We take great pride in our work and our reputation is famous, as is our client list. We make quality items with great attention to function, fit and details, as you have already seen in our portfolio.

McGrews will agree to undertake your project because it interests us, because we want you to show off our best work, and because we want you to own a one-of-a-kind item.


Deposits are required at the beginning of any contract. This is generally 50% of your total balance and is required for the shop to start working on your project. Your deposit says you’re serious about seeing the project through to its completion. Deposits are not refundable nor are final balances refundable.

Final Payments:

Final payments are due on the agreed date. Payment of your remaining balance can also be paid in advance. Items never leave the shop without being fully paid for. We submit any outstanding balances to our collections agency and you pay our legal fees if we have to sue you for payment.

Cancelled Event:

In the event that your event, film or wedding is cancelled, postponed or if you can’t or won’t attend it for some reason, you are still responsible for the balance of your custom order.  All custom work must be paid for in full and picked up by the agreed date. Any custom item not picked up by the agreed date, original event or wedding date becomes the property of McGrews and will be subject to immediate sale or disposal.

Release of Liability and Hold Harmless:

You agree to hold McGrews harmless and release all liability for any accident or injury you or your actor might experience while wearing or using your new custom costume item or prop. You also agree to hold McGrews harmless and release all liability for any property damage that you might cause while wearing or using this costume or item. You agree to hold McGrews harmless and release all liability for any legal or punitive actions taken against you for your behavior while you are wearing or using your costume or prop item.

Alterations and Repairs:

When you pick up your item it will be beautifully finished and made to last. You will be given instructions for its general care and cleaning, and you bear the responsibility of following these instructions. With regular wear and use, your item may need future repairs or alterations. These are additional charges and are not included in your originating contract.


Your custom costume or clothing item will typically require one to several fittings, as detailed in your payments and fitting schedule form. Three fittings are included in the total cost of your custom order. If further fittings are required, these occur at a rate of $30 each. Underwear is required of all clients during all fittings. We reserve the right to refuse a fitting if a client isn’t showered and/or wearing underwear. Notes about fittings (items remaining to be finished or changed) will be in writing and you will sign off on the action items listed.


Any changes in either a sketch or your costume mock-up must be made prior to your second fitting. Changes can result in an increase in your total cost. Any additional changes incurred from an order change must be included in your final payment. Any agreement for changes between the customer and the designer must be in writing and signed for.


If we are replicating or duplicating a known, iconic costume or clothing item that can be found in a film, comic book, video game, magazine, etc, we usually do not provide a sketch. We ask that you provide these visual references for us. If your costume is unique or new, however, we may create a thumbnail sketch which is included in the price of your overall contract. Any additional sketches that may be needed are provided at $50 per sketch. Once your design is finalized, you are required to sign-off on your approved sketch.

Use of Photographs:

We reserve the right to photograph your project and fittings for our own reference, internal training, marketing and promotional materials, without any compensation to you.  However, if we have signed a nondisclosure agreement with you, we will never publicly post or display these photos without your permission. Naturally, McGrews wants professional photographs of all our clients in their new costumes and with their new props! We offer professional photography services in-studio for our clients and visitors alike.

Actual Costs:

Even though we may not initially charge you our actual rates, we want you to understand and honor the value of skilled labor. In some cases, when your custom labor is completed, you will be asked to acknowledge in writing that the project you are signing for and taking home with you (______________) took _______ staff a total of ______ hours of labor to construct, and is worth $_________ in shop labor, even though we may have agreed to charge you less. Our interest is in cultivating a long-term relationship with you as a client.

All Custom Work Commissions, Deposits and Balances are Final. No Returns, Refunds or Exchanges.