Custom Superhero Costume: Littlest Wonder Woman – Josh Rossi Photography

Famous Photographer, Famous Daughter



A project that’s had 33 million views and counting as of January 2017.

When Jessica Alba, George Takei, and even the new Wonder Woman film director Patty Jenkins  talk about your work, trust us, it’s pretty cool.

McGrew Studios and Josh Rossi Photography have wanted to work together on a project for several years, and at last we finally have!






The convergence of his daughter Nellee’s 3rd birthday,  the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman, Halloween 2016, plus the new Wonder Woman movie trailer all culminated in a personal project for Josh that hit viral status within just several days.  As Josh told KSL TV in an interview at our studio, “All the trending buttons have been hit with both the timing and subject matter of his project,” (not to mention Full Time Photographer‘s original click-bait article title that waves a design and labor rate in readers’ faces).

Josh’s project has generated a BIG range of discussion, contention, admiration and even scorn– throughout comment threads on all the websites that have reposted the project or created their own new features about it.

At McGrews, we are naturally just agog at all this activity and very proud to have played our role in this fantastic project.

Some of the videos, articles and links:


Hanssie Ho’s *Full Time Photographer* article

KSL TV’s Feature

People Magazine’s Feature




Nellee is one cool, three-year old superhero!



Costume made by McGrews’ staff Jennifer McGrew with Diane Thompson, plus custom sword and shield by Randy Crit Killen. We love how great Josh’s photos make our work look:)

We made Nellee’s costume using several types of leathers along with worbla details, lacing, grommets and a variety of trimmings. We designed her leather bodice to be adjustable in the back as well as on the sides, because she will grow fast!

Her leather skirt pieces are sewn onto their own waistband which is attached under the bodice, and this whole element is alterable so it can also be adjused as she grows. Nelee’s armored spats lace up over her boots and should also endure two or more shoe-size increases. We made Nellee’s shoulder straps expandable, and for adjustability over time,  plus created her pauldrons to slide on her straps.






Something Josh brought up after the KSL interview at our shop was the idea of creating and marketing patterns for kids’ costumes. Based on the overwhelming response to this project’s release on the web, it’s something we may seriously consider.






We wanted this costume to be something that replicates the cinematic version and something that she’ll enjoy for a long time. We predict she may wear it until she is five or older!




Would you like a pattern for this Wonder Woman costume that you could create for your own 2-4 year old? Tell us what you think.


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Props and effects wizard Crit Randy Killen’s process photos.
He made Nellee’s Wonder Woman sword and shield.


























Crit even made a cool bag for Nellee’s sword and shield.



Johnny Killen, also on this project.




Sword and shield delivered to Josh!



8 responses on “Custom Superhero Costume: Littlest Wonder Woman – Josh Rossi Photography

  1. Elena Portela

    This is amazing work and detailed. I have been a wonder woman fan for over 40 yrs and have passed that die hard passion to my 5 year old niece, who has worn a few different ww costumes but for next year halloween wants to wear the dawn of justice version. I can only seemake to find adult sizes versions and came across yours from the video posted of the 3 yrs old photography shoot. I would definitely would be interested in a pattern of this in order to create one for her as a gift.
    Thank you,
    Elena Portela

    1. mcgrewsadmin Post author

      Time permitting, we may yet work on a version of this pattern that others could understand without too much confusion. Awesome to know it might be of interest to you, Elena! We’re busy gigging on commercial and corporate work straight through January and we shall see what time 2017 affords to get this pattern project going. I’ll post updates here plus on our social media pages when there’s some news:)

  2. Ayleen

    My 5 year old is wonder woman fan, she watched the movie and was thrilled about it. I would love to have a pattern for this costume, so I can do her as a gift for her 6 birthday (which is on october).
    Thanks you so much!

  3. mcgrewsadmin Post author

    Welll… Ayleen, would you believe it, we still haven’t developed a pattern version we can launch out into the world. Seems like we are always so busy that the idea got completely back-burnered. And there’s still that pesky intellectual property issue which we’d probably rather steer clear of (even though plenty of DIY blogs and forums are out there). Sure have seen an upswing in interest in WW and our photos of Nelli and Josh on Pinterest since the movie opened. Trust me, I’m still considering it. Right now we’re in crunch mode building another swimsuit collection for July’s Miami Swim Week. Wish us luck:)

  4. Amanda

    Such incredible work, it is truly a work of art! Fantastic job to the whole team! I see your update from a few days ago that there is no pattern available yet, I will keep my eyes open in the event that you share one sometime in the future :-).

  5. Malinda Wood

    YES! I would love ultra cool costume patterns for my littles like Nelli’s. Your items are exactly what I’ve been looking for – not all tulle and frou-frou. Congratulations on such an amazing costume and photoshoot.

  6. Melissa

    My daughter is 4 and thinks she is Wonder Woman I’ve been trying to find a costume to make for her that’s just like this. I would very much be interested in the pattern as well! You did an amazing job!