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Custom Tailoring

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WWII German Panzer tank driver jacket meets motorcycle jacket.
A unique coat for a unique client, who dictated the design features. Felted wool with some postmodern details, a navy silk lining and collar facing. 2013.
Custom tailoring details on this piece include:
  • Welt pockets with ballistic nylon pocket interiors for strength and longevity (you know how annoying it is when inferior pocket linings get holes in them).
  • True vented sleeves to button and unbutton (non-skeumorph stuff here). Intentionally asymmetrical lengths, so one sleeve vent is longer than the other.
  • A removable, half capelet that attaches with snaps at the collar.
  • Belt buckle beautifully engraved for us with the client’s initials by fine artist, Timm Paxton.




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