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Custom Sock Mascot: Observepoint


Utah-based analytics and marketing giant OBSERVEPOINT knows how to make convention attendees remember their brand!



Observepoint gives their booth guests custom printed socks! — that’s right– custom printed socks that you can wear, in a variety of dye sublimation printed designs — (instead of shoving logo-laden thumb drives into their visitors’ hands like every other booth does).  It’s a really ingenious marketing idea and was right up our alley as a design project. 


They asked us to create an 8ft tall custom sock mascot using their javascript design (a design they tell us is FULL of easter eggs, employee nicknames and inside jokes).  We patterned, then built the giant sock from polyethelene foam and had their print design enlarged 700 times into custom dye-sub fabric from which we made its outside cover.  Lightweight and comfy, this mascot’s face and arm holes allow their rep to have a great time interacting with booth visitors.


Our thanks to Observepoint Field Marketing Manager: Trachelle Tanner.


Adobe Summit March 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada.


Observepoint custom sock mascot by mcgrew studios
Observepoint custom sock mascot by McGrew Studios






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