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Mayflower Society Custom Pilgrim

In his custom, colorful new attire,  the Wyoming’s Society of Mayflower Descendants’ Governor, Elwood M. Porter, II.  A delightful gentleman to work with and know.


Mayflower Society Wyoming Pilgrim, Governor Elwood Porter


Mayflower Society Descendants at #Rootstech 2020, Salt Lake City, Utah


Future trend predictions: Ancestor cosplay/re-enactment is gonna get huuuge! and it’ll blossom in some really interesting ways-


#Rootstech 2020 genealogy conference recently showcased these super cool Mayflower Society descendants, staging a big parade for them at the Salt Palace. The entire main hall audience viewed their procession plus were urged to attend a special session about the International Mayflower Society and its upcoming 400th year anniversary celebration this September in Plymouth.


Mayflower Pilgrim doublet front detail
Mayflower Pilgrim doublet front detail
Period costume drawings in John Peacock's The Chronicle of Western Costume
Period costume drawings in John Peacock’s The Chronicle of Western Costume
Mayflower pilgrim sleeve detail
Mayflower pilgrim sleeve detail
Illustrations from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion
Illustrations from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion

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