Custom Marine Corps Uniforms for Canines

Custom retailored Marine Corps uniforms for bulldogs! The famous Gunny Monster.

Why should humans get all the great custom tailoring?

Meet Gunny Monster, friend and unofficial mascot to the Marine Corps League, Toys for Tots and a host of other great charities.

Gunny has his own facebook page and website where you can learn more about his busy schedule full of appearances and good deeds.

Our tailoring thus far for Gunny includes a full complement of uniforms. These include two sets of camoflauge, two sets of Dress Blues and one set of Charlies.


Gunny's Place

Semper Fidelis.

We develop a unique pattern specific to your dog’s height, weight and measurements to create each new custom uniform.


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Uniform Ordering Info:


Step One:
Print out our Service Dog Measurement Chart and take some measurements.

Please call with any questions. 801-596-2210. We can skype with you or video-chat live, so you can show us any details you have questions about:)


Step Two:
Get your hands on a uniform for us to retailor. This means a real uniform, so that we can re-cut and restitch its parts to guarantee that your fit plus all of your trims and fabrics are accurate, ready to pass inspection. We have seen some knitted and crochet “sweaters” plus other cartoonish versions of uniforms on Etsy and other places. However, in getting to know many Marines personally, we can tell you that the Corps take their uniforms and their service very seriously. A knitted ‘sweater’ uniform or other clownish version would be considered disgraceful and completely inappropriate for proper, public presentations. Because you are probably either active duty or retired, we rely on your access to authentic uniforms. At McGrews we are civilians, and we have not earned your same privilege.  As tailors and citizens, we honor our service men and women, (and their dogs). We create a high-quality custom-tailored product and we don’t want to substitute imposter fabrics or shoddy construction for the real thing.  It would be disrespectful. Thanks for understanding:).


Step Three:
Make a deposit and send us your uniform. Total to retailor a uniform is $875 and includes shipping to you via UPS regular ground with a tracking number, anywhere in the continental United States. There’s no tax if you are ordering from outside the state of Utah. 1/2 deposit is required to start the patterning and labor. We can accept visa and mastercard payments in person or by phone with a small surcharge.


Step Four:
Pay the balance and receive your uniform. There is a four-six week turnaround time from your deposit date to have your finished uniform shipped via UPS regular ground with a tracking number. Please order well in advance for seasonal Marine Corps events when many dogs will be needing new uniforms.


Woof! (Please call us with your custom order:) 801-596-2210.

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