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Custom retailored Marine Corps uniforms for bulldogs! The famous Gunny Monster.

Custom Marine Corps Uniforms for Canines

In McGrew Studios’ custom retailored US Marine Corps’ dress blues: The famous Toys for Tots and Marine Corps League spokesdog, Gunny Monster.
Famous Toys for Tots and Marine Corps League spokesdog, Gunny Monster. In McGrew Studios’ custom retailored US Marine Corps’ dress blues.

$899 to re-tailor your uniform for your best friend:) Includes ground shipping with a tracking number, anywhere in the continental United States. Design/fitting/build/ completion time 4 – 6 weeks.

How to Order a Uniform for YOUR Dog:

Step One:
Print our Service Dog Measurement Chart and take measurements. We can video chat so you can show us where any questions arise.

Step Two:
Mail us a uniform you want re-tailored to fit your dog. This means a real uniform. We always recommend finding the biggest sizes you can.

Include your deposit ($449.50 check, money order, Venmo or credit card by phone). Include your patches and any special insignia as well. We recommend using women’s patches because their smaller scale works better on dog-sized uniforms. If we’re tailoring for a dog with really short legs, we ask our local embroiderer to duplicate your patches to an even smaller scale (see the “Boomer” gallery below for an example of this. There are many awesome sources online for patches and even miniature medals. Take a look at

We deconstruct, then reassemble your uniform so the fit (plus all the fabric and trims) are accurate, ready to pass inspection.

We’ve seen some knitted and crochet “sweaters” plus other cartoon-y uniforms on Etsy and other places. However, in getting to know many Marines personally, we can tell you that the Corps take its uniforms and its service seriously. A knitted ‘sweater’ uniform or other clownish version might be fine at home on the couch, but would be considered inappropriate for proper public presentations.

You are probably either active duty or retired, and we rely on your access to uniforms, at your local BX or other sources. At McGrews we are civilians, and we have not earned your same privilege. As tailors and citizens, we honor our service men and women, (and their dogs). We create a high-quality custom-tailored product. We won’t substitute imposter fabrics or inferior construction for the real thing.  It would be disrespectful. Thanks for understanding:).

Step Three:
Open the package we ship you. It contains your canvas uniform mockup. Grab your dog, then video chat with us over Skype, Zoom, etc.

Mockup canvas uniforms. We make all the needed pattern adjustments to a mockup like these before we ever cut and restitch the actual uniform for your dog:)
Photo of “Major,” taken during a Skype video fitting. Major lives in Valparaiso, Indiana.

We need you to film all sides of your dog in the canvas mockup, and we’ll look at it together, plus guide your placement of any needed safety pins or pencil marks. We develop your dog’s very own pattern based on this canvas mockup, so his final uniform fits perfectly.

Step Four:
Pay the balance ($449.50 check, money order, Venmo or credit card by phone) and receive your newly retailored uniform.

The whole development and retailoring process generally takes four-to-six weeks from your deposit date to having your finished uniform shipped.

In some cases, we may need to mail a canvas mockup back and forth with you twice, in order to make specific pattern adjustments.

Don’t forget to order well in advance of seasonal Marine Corps events when many dogs will be needing new uniforms!

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Photos: Dan Tolson.
Marine Corps League Department of Indiana, Fall Conference, 2020. Indianapolis, IN.


Photos: Troy Grant.
Marine Corps League and Toys for Tots events, Salt Lake City, Utah. 2010.


Salt Lake City, Utah. 2016.
Photos with Boomer, Linda and Bill Dumas,
veteran of the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.

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