How much will it cost to build the world of my film? What about the items it needs? How much to actually get my project produced?

Bring your script and come talk to us.


Your film’s visual assets are a BIG part of its narrative.

Whether our costume and scenic shops build them for your whole film or just some of its parts, we prefer to operate as a team under the direction of your production designer. Production design needs to be prioritized in your film’s pre-production phase. We urge you to think of it first rather than as an afterthought.

If your film project does not yet have a production designer, may we suggest ours.

After reading your script, each of our department heads  will ask you many questions. Read more here about how this process works.

The lead designer in each of our line production, art and costume departments produces a methodical summary, sourcing list and spreadsheet of your script’s visual elements and their continuity requirements.

Our professional rate for general script consultations is 60 cents per page. We will ask what you most want feedback about. We’ll also bring up questions about specific elements that need clarity of form and function.

Our professional rate for creating a production design bid for a feature is $500.

Our professional rate for creating a production design bid for a commercial or short is $100.