Need something made? Even a prototype or a pattern?

Let’s talk about your new custom costume, prop or prototype.


Lighted custom prop Queen of Hearts scepter with Perfectly Posh logo, of cut and sculpted sintra and acrylic.
Lighted “Queen of Hearts” scepter with Perfectly Posh logo. Custom prop by Hraefn Wulfson. Cut and sculpted sintra and acrylic with LED electronics.

Whether it’s personal, for your business, or for an entertainment production, come talk to us about creating the item of your dreams. $24 Consultation, applied to your total.

DID YOU KNOW there is no such thing as an “average” cost for a custom costume, prop or product prototype?

Each is unique to its wearer, its budget, its event and its audience.

Yours will be unique as well.

Custom “Arsenal” jacket and quiver in two shades of red leather.

During your appointment, our lead designers will ask you many questions. We take measurements and produce some thumbnail sketches. We need to hear and see all of your ideas. We need to understand what your product, prop or costume needs to do in terms of its form, function and appearance.

Custom tote bags developed for the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Made with upcycled banners from their past exhibitions. Highly sought collectible items, especially when signed by the artist!

Please bring your company logos, accessories, fabrics or color swatches that should be included, plus images, sketches and other visual resources to help us calculate materials, time and labor needed for your project.

Observepoint custom sock mascot. Custom dye-sub printed outer fabric with their colors, javascript code and logo.
For USANA: BIG custom foam props w/ 3-d Screen Goo custom paint. USANA convention 2015.
For USANA: BIG custom foam props. Painted with 3-d Screen Goo custom paint. USANA convention 2015.

How is labor calculated?

Drafting, cutting, stitching and construction costs typically range anywhere from twice to five or more times the cost of materials, depending on the complexity of your design.

For example, a superhero or fantasy costume with a budget of $600 will be substantially different from a film-quality superhero or fantasy costume that has a budget of 6K or more.

When you meet with us, we can show you samples and pricing of items that our clients have commissioned.

Custom elf boots and spats! Half a dozen pairs. For Inda Blatch-Geib, Ohio designer of the new production “Kris Kringle the Musical”. Each a custom size to fit each actor’s feet or to spat their tap shoes.

Custom ax for Fox Television. They sent a performer from their Sleepy Hollow series to wear their “Headless Horseman” costume at 2014’s Salt Lake Comic Con, but without the weapon used in the tv series. The convention’s rules prohibit metal weapons so Hraefn Wulfson created this specialty prop using convention safe materials.

Salt Lake Tightlacer famous custom corset
The lovely Lyra, our model for our City Weekly’s “best of” edition- best custom corsets award for our Salt Lake Tightlacer label. Photo courtesy of Robert Hirschi and Salt Lake City Weekly’s “Best Of Salt Lake” awards issue.

Katrina Kirkland, Naia Folidei and Rory Sepulveda pose in costumes designed as popular Clinique Cosmetics products at the grand opening of the Meier & Frank in Riverdale. The one-story department store is the eighth in Utah to open and is expected to generate between $200,000 and $300,000 in annual sales tax revenue to the city. (Photo courtesy of Robert Hirschi/The Salt Lake Tribune).

Custom 18th century gown with corseted bodice and panniers. Special presentation dress for the Filmed in Utah Awards Show, 2013.
A perennial favorite, “Assassin’s Creed“. Our custom version has lots of layers, high end tailoring, piping and details.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Mini cell phone purse prototypes. Minimalist design and articulation for a product developer.

Time to wear your fantasy. Or shoot your dream movie.