What’s it going to look like?

One item- – or your whole production:

*Simple to detailed pre-viz illustrations of your new costume or prop designs, using analog sketches, digital art or hybrid media.


*3-D CAD diagrams, to scale, of your stage or set construction in Solidworks.


Pre-viz processes for costume design often look like this:


Client's collection of inspiration images
We ask clients to collect and show us costume elements and images that inspire them!


preliminary sketches of client's new costume design
We typically create preliminary, exploratory thumbnail sketches of client’s new costume design.


More detailed costume rendering combining client's inspiration images
We’ll create further, detailed costume rendering combining client’s inspiration images with fabric, trim & embroidery colors.


Eleazar and Ben eat wedding cake in their new custom costumes!


CAD pre-viz for sets and large prop design often starts like this:


thumbnail sketch for new BladeHQ custom table
Initial thumbnail sketch for new custom BladeHQ table.


BladeHQ custom table CAD pre-viz1 with dimensions.


BladeHQ custom table CAD pre-viz2 in 3D perspective.


BladeHQ finished custom designed and built table
Finished! Custom designed and fabricated table for BladeHQ.