Costume, Prop and Set Rentals


McGrews at present has limited rentals available to the public because we are primarily a custom design studio.
We can, however build anything you need if you allow time for preproduction.



That said, we DO have rental stock. Please call us at 801-596-2210 with requests. Can’t make any promises but we’re thrilled to answer your questions:)




Event Stock

-is available to everyone for rental.


Our collection includes seasonal costumes, animals, cosplay characters, period reproductions, character costumes and other fun, fancy wearables to get your party started.




Premium Stock 

-is available to funded features and photoshoots.


We send along one of our wardrobe or props staff to assist you on your shoot. Our collection includes rare vintage pieces and specialty items that are crucial for historic period filmmaking.




Help us help you!
Tell us well in adance, if you can, about your upcoming shoots and events.

Actor Ben Schnetzer, behind-the-scenes in Punk’s Dead.
Wearing a vintage coat, circa 1890s, plus our reproduction shirt, waistcoat and trousers.
Custom cane with Jaguar hood ornament by artist, Timm Paxton.