Costume & Prop Rentals: Coming in 2020


COMING IN 2020: Our costume and prop rental catalog.

Although most of the work we do is for commissioned projects, we have accumulated an interesting, curated assortment of items over the years. Some will be perfect for your next film or commercial project.
This is a collection you’ll want to see for your upcoming film’s set-dressing, for props that your actors can use, even costume pieces. Categories will include:
Popular Culture
….plus others….


We will include provenance about items used in prior commercial projects and films, info about who owned them before we did, conditions under which you can rent them plus whether rare or highly valuable items require one of our prop masters or costume supervisors to accompany them to your set.
We’re excited to get our inventory organized as we start traipsing through 2020. Stay tuned.


Meanwhile, we are always happy to answer questions about specific items you’re seeking- please call us at 801-596-2210. If we don’t have something you seek, we might be able to tell you who does:)