How and Why We Work


We’re Artists. First.

We are an artisan-operated business dedicated to raising the bar for production values across the entertainment industries.  And as artists, we are rather vain and particular about our work. This is good news for you if we decide to take on your project.

Why We Partner With You:

If we decide to take on your project, making you look good makes us look good.
When you work with us, our priority is making the visual assets in your project look as awesome as your great cinematography, acting, directing, etc.  Your event, film or performance idea is telling an important story. A majority of it will be told visually.

That being said, we urge you to start your pre-production early.

Read more about how we work with writers, producers and directors here.

How We Partner With You:

We need you to make an initial proposal about your project’s budget and scope.  Once we understand what you need and your budget, we’ll tell you if we can do it. This process is a bit like horse-trading. We may offer you a counter proposal. A well-known maxim about custom work says the three factors are: Cheap, fast, and good; and that you can only have two of these at any time.  When we meet, we talk about your project. We look at your script and reference images together, and we may sketch some items for you so we can narrow down and define the specific forms, function and appearance of your built items. Then if we all feel we’re on the same page, we draw up and sign some contract paperwork that defines the terms, pricing, payment schedules and deadlines of what we are agreeing to do, ensuring that we each get what we want.

Our Principles:

  • Being cost efficient in everything we do. We are committed to working resourcefully and solving problems creatively, within budget.
  • Delivering unmatched value to our clients.
  • Unsurpassed dedication to our staff, subcontractors and interns.
  • Fostering an environment which promotes teamwork and leveraging our individual strengths to promote our success.
  • Using integrity as the foundation of our individual and business actions to drive a successful organization of which we are proud.

Our Community:

We are committed to creating opportunities within our community of skilled, loyal artisans.

We are also committed to the students who apprentice themselves to these arts under our tutelage. They are the future.

Each of our department heads recruits and subcontracts their own additional crew as needed.


Our Specialties:

Custom costumes and personalized wardrobe.

Product launches.

Corporate events and trade shows.

Themed destinations or businesses.

Film, music video and proof-of-concept.

These are the creative challenges we relish.