Our Team



Costume design, tailor, cutter-draper-pattern maker, crew chief & shop management.  Loooong history with theater, ballet, film, tv, commercials, mascots and other oddities including producer, professor & script development. Baffling parents as well as the public as a professional in the arts industry for more than 27 years. BA, MA, MFA.
$500 day rate
$600 on set or design day rate


Fine artist, painter, producer and production designer.  Nearly a decade working in Hollywood on sets, props, miniatures and special effects for lots of commercials and a bunch of films you know including Holes, Windtalkers, The Alamo and more.
$500 day rate
$600 on set or design day rate


Master creator of props and special effects for films you love including Blade Runner, Titanic and Beettlejuice. Taught screenwriting at UCLA/USC and production design at BYU and has consulted on scripts of 90+ Hollywood feature films.  His career spanning 34 years has given him the opportunity to work on some eighty five motion pictures in production design and on another ninety some films behind the scenes, crafting stories and consulting on script and film structure.
$600 day rate
$700 on set or design day rate


Tech guru, photography, web applications, 360 VR and VFX post production specialties including blood, fire, water, magic, animations and making things explode. Musical composition, soundtracks, editing, A-Frame, advanced Java, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, CSS, HTML5 and naturally, WordPress.
$500 FX, coding or website day rate


Master leather worker and armor designer for live performances as well as motion picture spectacles including the films of Arrowstorm Entertainment plus lead designer for Utah's famous themed attraction, Everwood. Craftsman specializing in metals and fabrication for Badali Jewelry's licensed specialties inspired by films and novels, to one-of-a-kind collectible ensembles for discriminating clients.