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McGREWS: Making custom corsets for 20 YEARS.

Our famous label, Salt Lake Tightlacer
Our famous label, Salt Lake Tightlacer
And for more than 14 years in the Salt Lake City area and beyond, we’ve been providing custom services to every sort of community you can possibly imagine (as well as to some you probably can’t imagine).
Our services are widely known and clients consider our shop a destination for the best fitting custom work with attention to all the details.
Visiting in person is required,  because the only way to achieve perfect style, fit and function is to make a custom pattern for each client. That person then needs to be available for 1 – 3 fittings.
If you’re a discriminating enthusiast, we advise that 1) you accept no substitutes, 2) that you never buy a corset online without trying it on first, and 3) that you quit reading other people’s uninformed conjecture and bad websites about corseting.


Services we offer include:

  • Corsets for tightlacing and waist-training made from two coutil layers and internal petersham waistband.  Real spring steel corset stays or a combo of spring stays and spiral stays, as well as lacing stays at the center back, that we actually install grommets through for long-term structural integrity and beauty.
  • Corsets as elegant outerwear.
  • Corsets for men and women, all sexes and genders, big and tall, specialty purpose, for all forms and functions (let your imagination roam).
  • Historically accurate corsets to be worn under period costumes for the correct silhouette (you wouldn’t want to go to all the trouble of dressing in historic garb and then letting your figure just do anything it wants, right?).
  • Corsets with plenty of details from which you can choose, including laser or hand-cut leathers, custom embroidery, buckles, colored busks, hardware and fasteners, etc. Hand-painting, stencil and airbrushing services are also something you might enjoy. Your favorite design, symbol or motif can become a part of your new corset, custom bodice or costume.
~the famous Salt Lake Tightlacer label~

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See more corsets in the PORTFOLIO