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Comic Con Cosplay Classes at the Leonardo Science Museum

Most Recent:  10/17/2014
6-9 pm: Comic Con Cosplay Classes at the Leonardo: Fun Halloween Prep.  The Leonardo Science Museum, Salt Lake City, Utah. Click here to get your tickets.

McGrews has partnered with Salt Lake Comic Con and The Leonardo to produce a series of theme-specific cosplay workshops. Emphasis is on DIY techniques and instructors/presenters are experts in their craft and dedicated to sharing their knowledge.

Starting in June 2014, we’ll be scheduling these workshops one evening each month from 6-9 pm, and all ages are welcome. Over the coming year, we plan a broad spectrum, including workshops using upcycled materials, adding light and sound to costumes, Arduino workshops, mask-making, sculpting, molding and prosthetics, wigs and ventilating, armor and Worbla, makeup effects… and more-

See the past and upcoming workshop schedules on the Salt Lake Comic Con site


See the past and upcoming workshop schedules on our Events page

Below: Free patterns and instructional videos:)

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Private Classes and Shop Time

Need some giant table space and room to build your costume?

Want some individualized assistance with your project?

Need an industrial walking foot machine to sew your multiple layers of thick leather, denim or other fabrics?

McGrews hosts private shop time and classes for up to four people at a time. You can use our industrial machines, sergers, leather machines, kick-press grommet setter, snap setter, dress dummies and lots of other specialized equipment. You’re also welcome to bring your own sewing machine. We can help you explore all its features plus trouble-shoot any issues it might be having.

We know that makers get the most satisfaction while learning on a project that actually matters to them. So when you schedule shop time with us it’s all about YOUR project or something that you want to make. We can help you draft, drape, pattern, cut, stitch and assemble, saving you lots of time with stunning results. You’ll have a blast hanging out and working with us. Give us a call! 801-596-2210.

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