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Custom Headless Horseman: Rocky Mountain Outfitters’ Haunted Wagon Rides

Custom headless horseman costume we created for Rocky Mountain Outfitters’ Haunted Wagon Rides attraction, 2014.

We designed it so each of the pieces are each individually made for easy care and washing/drycleaning. The horseman’s head/neck apparatus itself weighs less than a pound. Great for visibility, safety and maneuverability.

Visit their site for for tickets, contests and more fun pics



Custom Tailoring

WWII German Panzer tank driver jacket meets motorcycle jacket.
A unique coat for a unique client, who dictated the design features. Felted wool with some postmodern details, a navy silk lining and collar facing. 2013.
Custom tailoring details on this piece include:
  • Welt pockets with ballistic nylon pocket interiors for strength and longevity (you know how annoying it is when inferior pocket linings get holes in them).
  • True vented sleeves to button and unbutton (non-skeumorph stuff here). Intentionally asymmetrical lengths, so one sleeve vent is longer than the other.
  • A removable, half capelet that attaches with snaps at the collar.
  • Belt buckle beautifully engraved for us with the client’s initials by fine artist, Timm Paxton.


Our Famous Custom Slipcovers

Kids?  Pets?  Messy guests?
Seasonal decorating boredom?

Schedule your furniture makeover and let us help with yardage calculation by calling 801-596-210.

Custom Slipcover Design & Labor Sheet.

campo chair 1


campo chair slipcover 1



Each project bears our famous Salt Lake Slipcover label, championed by our area’s top interior designers, architects, decorators and space planners.


You don’t have to rent a truck or move your furniture. Unlike new upholstery, your new slipcover’s custom draping and cutting can all be done in your home or office. We can come to you.  Then we return in 10 – 12 days (or sooner, at an expedited rate) to deliver and install your new slipcovers. 15+ years’ experience creating these and we are the top maker on the Wasatch Front as well as in the San Francisco and California central coast regions. They are classy, custom fitted and expertly tailored. Think of your new slipcovers as beautiful custom fashion for your furniture.











aptos chaise 1


aptos chaise slipcover 1


aptos den sofa 1


aptos den sofa slipcover 1


aptos sofa before seersucker custom slipcover


aptos sofa in seersucker custom slipcover


aptos sofa 1


aptos sofa slipcover 2


Baraldi sofa 2


Baraldi sofa 6


You get the idea, right?



Custom Wardrobe for Hair Shoots

Good Hair Seeks Good Wardrobe

A few specialty items we’ve built for specific hair shoots.

A common convention in the industry uses the triptych approach, unifying the hairstyles and models with similar costume/wardrobe silhouettes.

For Lunatic Fringe, St. George
Producer/Cape Design: Penny Goodwin
Photography: Debra MacFarlane

For Lunatic Fringe, Salt Lake City
Photography: Mitch Meyer