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“The Sword Experience” Custom Set for “Highlander’s” Adrian Paul

For Adrian Paul (of *Highlander* fame), for his full immersion combat training and choreography event, “The Sword Experience”.

Custom set designed, built and installed at the Salt Palace by McGrew Studios production designer Hraefn Wulfson. We are very grateful to the wonderful Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience volunteers who helped load in.

See for tour dates and more info-


Above, set dressed and ready. A scene of urban destruction.
Adrian Paul choreographs three pairs of fighters at a time who battle each other, moving around and amongst the set’s cement pillars.

Above, more moody lighting.

Above, Adrian Paul and Hraefn Wulfson.


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Custom Outdoor Sunbrella Covers

Damen-Titchner Pavilion cover in Sunbrella


Our instructions were:

Create a cover that could fasten without any auxiliary hanging hardware installed on their backyard pavilion. Sunbrella is a great fabric, rated for years of sun (obviously) and weather resistance. This Logan, Utah couple stores many items in the pavilion during winter and it’s a perennial treat for us to see their custom cover getting such great mileage and use.



Snug and enclosed for winter, protecting lots of stored items within.



The Pavilion cover in summer. A great spot for entertaining and hanging out.



Project notes, measurements and details.


Yep, the pieces were so large that we used the parking lot to lay some of them out!



Mark and Suzanne, using the plumb line to snap straight chalk lines…



Our basement on Pierpont Avenue got a LOT of use during this project. We set up extra tables to work with this big project.



Fastex hardware. Buckles with straps down each of the four corners of the pavilion cover.



Art Direction and Costuming: Punk’s Dead

Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2 (2016)

Our shops and personnel provided art department & costume services for director James Merendino’s sequel production to his cult classic SLC Punk.
Art Director/Associate Producer Hraefn Wulfson provided production design services including specialty prop and set design, plus sourcing and builds with the help of our teammate Russ Adams. Assistant Costume Designer Jennifer McGrew and her crew provided patternmaking, costume construction, tailoring, fittings and alterations for visiting designer Fiora Boes.
Crowdfunded in part through its Indiegogo campaign, Punk’s Dead demonstrates how effectively an already-loved commodity can be marketed to its fan base plus attract new audiences. The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and was purchased for distribution. Live theatrical premieres around the U.S. were followed up by the film’s release in digital format where fans everywhere can purchase and view this sequel about the original film’s next generation.
Punk’s Dead IMDB page, with photos & posters plus complete cast and crew listings.
View trailers and more on the Punk’s Dead Youtube channel.
Follow Punk’s Dead on Facebook.
Follow writer/director James Merendino on Facebook.

Custom Fancy Food Exhibit: Apriori

Famous food purveyors Apriori needed a custom display to use at the conventions and fancy food shows they attend. Our production designer Hraefn Wulfson built this one to show off their lines of beautiful artisan chocolates and candy. The shelves are all adjustable and the display pieces hinge in, compressing to ship around the country and around the world. Custom signage: Michael Fitches.
January 2016.

Artisan convention display for artisan chocolates from Apriori Distributing

Artisan convention display for artisan chocolates from Apriori Distributing

Artisan convention display for artisan chocolates from Apriori Distributing






McGrews Reimagined

Are we in Narnia now?

The McGrew Studios’ 2010 remodel began with a gutting of its entire storefront. This remarkable re-imagining of our meeting space by designer Hraefn Wulfson included unique custom fixtures made of wood, metals, fabrics and other materials by highly skilled artisans, creating a steampunk flavored fantasy room.

The technical skills, contributions and sheer labor of so many talented friends and clients converged in our new front parlour space. It is virtually a salon, where on any given day you might meet politicians, rock stars, producers, poets, professors and others who stop in to say hello.

We invite you in to say hello as well.

Our Famous Custom Slipcovers


Kids?  Pets?  Messy guests?
Seasonal decorating boredom?

Schedule your furniture makeover and let us help with yardage calculation by calling 801-596-2210.

Custom Slipcover Design & Labor Sheet.


campo chair 1


campo chair slipcover 1



Each project bears our famous Salt Lake Slipcover label, championed by our area’s top interior designers, architects, decorators and space planners.


You don’t have to rent a truck or move your furniture. Unlike new upholstery, your new slipcover’s custom draping and cutting can all be done in your home or office. We can come to you.  Then we return in 10 – 12 days (or sooner, at an expedited rate) to deliver and install your new slipcovers. 15+ years’ experience creating these and we are the top maker on the Wasatch Front as well as in the San Francisco and California central coast regions. They are classy, custom fitted and expertly tailored. Think of your new slipcovers as beautiful custom fashion for your furniture.











aptos chaise 1


aptos chaise slipcover 1


aptos den sofa 1


aptos den sofa slipcover 1


aptos sofa before seersucker custom slipcover


aptos sofa in seersucker custom slipcover


aptos sofa 1


aptos sofa slipcover 2


Baraldi sofa 2


Baraldi sofa 6


You get the idea, right?


Schedule your new custom slipcovers!

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