Custom Superhero Costume: Littlest Wonder Woman – Josh Rossi Photography

Famous Photographer, Famous Daughter     A project that's had 33 million views and counting as of January 2017. When Jessica Alba, George Takei, and even the new Wonder Woman film…

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Custom leather costume: "Kroenen". Based on Mike Mignola's character art in Dark Horse Comics' Hellboy series, and film with the same title.

Custom Cosplay: Kroenen

A fictional villain in the *Hellboy* comic book series created by Mike Mignola, this is Karl Ruprecht Kroenen and a custom costume we created for a really great client. Custom leather jacket and and breeches. With…

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Customized steampunk prop gun by Crit Killen. Fully detailed, because it needs to be. And every part is methodically thought-through with technical form and function clearly in mind.

Big Custom Steampunk Guns

  One-of-a-kind steampunk weapon by our own Crit Killen. This fantastic piece won the "best elements" category in the Crown of Cogs Fashion Show at 2016's Salt City Steamfest. Congrats, Crit! Modeled…

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