Barf Pockets

Definitely as awesome as they sound. Sometimes all a costume needs are the final detailed additions-- in this case, new POCKETS! Heroically, two pairs of khaki trousers sacrificed themselves to become the new pockets and dropseat we added to Bill's existing coveralls.  Now he is the essence of "Barf" from Mel Brooks' hilarious Spaceballs film. Thanks, Bill for having us make your new pockets and for sharing your photos. May the schwartz be with you! Photos: Mark Loertscher Photography Bill_Cartmell_as_Spaceballs_Barf1Bill_Cartmell_as_Spaceballs_Barf_2 barf_custom_pockets_spaceballs_cosplay1barf_custom_pockets_spaceballs_cosplay2 barf_custom_pockets_spaceballs_cosplay3barf_custom_pockets_spaceballs_cosplay8barf_custom_pockets_spaceballs_cosplay7barf_custom_pockets_spaceballs_cosplay6barf_custom_pockets_spaceballs_cosplay4          

Custom Pageant Gowns: 16th Century Miss Italy

Custom 16th century dress for the lovely Jami Solveig Cirone, Miss Italy/Miss Multiverse 2015.    The pageant's historic/cultural segment showcases the contestants in costumes that pay homage to their national and cultural heritage. This dress we made helps Jami honor hers.     Miss_Italy_Miss_Multiverse_16th_century_custom_gown   The gown has more than 12 yards of burgundy velvet in it plus a number of silks and laces. We cartridge pleated five whole widths of velvet (more than 260" total inches at the waist) onto Jami's teeny 23" waistband. We made two petticoats and a hip roll to develop her incredible silhouette and topped it with a hand embroidered bodice. She has hanging sleeves plus quilted sleeves that lace onto her bodice. Within her bodice we installed quite a number of steel stays, lacing stays and grommets. Our hand detailing on the outside includes numerous brass beads and jewels, freshwater pearls, fabric flowers, lace trimmings plus exquisite custom brooches by artist David Powell: @POWELLARTSWORKSHOP on Instagram.   16th_century_costume_sleeve_detail3_miss_italy_multiverse 16th_century_costume_sleeve_stomacher_detail2_miss_italy_multiverse 16th_century_costume_back_miss_italy_multiverse16th_century_costume_sleeve detail1_miss_italy_multiverse Together we looked at many examples of period dresses, hairstyles and ornamentation in museum costume books plus portraits of notable Italian women. 16th_century_costume_references_miss_italy_multiverse   16th_century_costume_front_miss_italy_multiverse David's wax carvings, ready to be cast in bronze. lost_wax_casting_custom_brooches1_16th_century_costume_miss_italy_multiverse Prepped to cast multiples at one time: lost_wax_casting_custom_brooches2_16th_century_costume_miss_italy_multiverse Freshly cast bronze brooches before they are cleaned up and polished. lost_wax_casting_custom_brooches3_16th_century_costume_miss_italy_multiverse Photography session with Simon Blundell: bts_simon_powell_photography_16th_century_costume_miss_italy_multiverse Brilliant hair and makeup by Amber Pearson. bts_hair_makeup1_16th_century_costume_miss_italy_multiverse bts_hair_makeup_16th_century_costume_miss_italy_multiverse 16th_century_costume_front4_miss_italy_multiverse On display for a time in the parlour of our Pierpont Avenue location. 16th_century_costume_front3_miss_italy_multiverse