Custom Pageant Costumes

Glamour, Made to Order

Inspired by a Vivienne Westwood design, this ensemble showcases custom panniers on a fitted basque, a petite corseted bodice with an additional side zipper plus a cool hair fascinator by Melissa Welinsky. Not shown here are the custom rouched briefs we also made out of the same great plaid taffeta.

Pageant costumes need to be unique and stunning because prizes, money, scholarships and fame are all at stake in these competitions.

We wanted to show you this particular example from 2011 that our client commissioned for her talent number – because she is a champion bagpiper.
No further explanation necessary. So awesome.

McGrews Reimagined

Are we in Narnia now?

The McGrew Studios’ 2010 remodel began with a gutting of its entire storefront. This remarkable re-imagining of our meeting space by designer Hraefn Wulfson included unique custom fixtures made of wood, metals, fabrics and other materials by highly skilled artisans, creating a steampunk flavored fantasy room.

The technical skills, contributions and sheer labor of so many talented friends and clients converged in our new front parlour space. It is virtually a salon, where on any given day you might meet politicians, rock stars, producers, poets, professors and others who stop in to say hello.

We invite you in to say hello as well.

Custom Headless Horseman: Rocky Mountain Outfitters’ Haunted Wagon Rides

Custom headless horseman costume we created for Rocky Mountain Outfitters’ Haunted Wagon Rides attraction, 2014.

We designed it so each of the pieces are each individually made for easy care and washing/drycleaning. The horseman’s head/neck apparatus itself weighs less than a pound. Great for visibility, safety and maneuverability.

Visit their site for for tickets, contests and more fun pics