FLIGHT FROM SHADOW, our non-monetized Wheel of Time - inspired fan film, has been released and is free for fantasy fans everywhere to enjoy. Please watch, like and comment!


Special Screening of Flight From Shadow + Q/A with Panelists Blake Casselman, Hraefn Wulfson, Jennifer McGrew, R. Jason Ball, David Skousen and Nathaniel Drew

3:00 pm
Friday, February 14th 2014
Life the Universe and Everything Science Fiction & Fantasy Symposium
Film Festival
Provo Marriott Hotel
Provo, UT

Life the Universe and Everything Science Fiction & Fantasy Symposium 32 starts February 12th in the morning at the Provo Marriott and will run through Saturday. Registration is at the door, and admission can be purchased for all three days or for a single day. Students get in free with a valid school i.d. This is a great conference for fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and aspiring writers alike. Orson Scott Card will be the Guest of Honor, and Brandon Sanderson, David Farland, L.E. Modesitt, Jr. Michaelbrent Collings, and James Owen are among the Special Guests.

Our behind the scenes documentary is up. Spread the word! Thanks!



Flight From Shadow final version debuts Friday, September 6, 2013 at 2pm at Salt lake Comic Con.

http://saltlakecomiccon.com/ salt_lake_comic_con

Visit the Grand Pavilion, designed and built by McGrew Studios’ Creative Director and Production Designer Hraefn Wulfson with his loyal, hardworking crew.

As you walk inside it you’ll enjoy dozens of master paintings by some of the world’s most famous fantasy artists, collected by Fantasy Con founder and visionary, Joshua Patel.

The outer walls of the Grand Pavilion will host the invited exhibits of selected Utah comic, sci-fi and fantasy film creators including:

Unicorn City
Gentlemen Broncos
The Shadow Cabal
Flight From Shadow
(and the list grows- stay tuned for details)

Our Flight From Shadow exhibit will feature the film’s custom tavern set plus selected costumes and props, as well as displays about the people behind this work– our producers, screenwriter, director, director of photography, costume designer, artisans, cast, crew, VFX wizards and sponsors.




Flight From Shadow is our non-monetized fan film that has big-budget production values.

The final version of Flight from Shadow debuts on September 6th, 2013 at 2pm at Salt Lake Comic Con!

(Any of you who are part of the cast or crew who wish to attend the screening, may do so at no charge. This will not allow you to attend SL Comic Con in general but only the screening).

Created by a dedicated group of Utah-based filmmakers, actors and artisans who generously gave their time, expertise and equipment to this project, Wheel of 9 Productions is enthusiastic about the release of its first film.

The film’s costumes, sets, props, miniatures and practical effects were designed by McGrew Studios’ art department and constructed with many hours of help from our staff and interns as well as from our friends in the creative community.

This film’s screenplay is based on an early chapter from The Eye of the World, first in the epic Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan.

After Jordan’s death the series was finished by BYU’s own Professor of Literature and renowned author Brandon Sanderson.

Our Flight From Shadow rough-cut debuted in February 2013 to excited audiences at Provo’s famous fantasy and speculative fiction literary conference, LTUE (Life, the Universe and Everything).

As a part of the Salt Lake Comic Con’s Film Festival this year, Flight From Shadow’s final cut will be shown along with a documentary, ..And The Wheel Turned, about the making of the film.

Once both films have screened in their final form at the Salt Lake Comic Con Film Festival, they will be released on select channels worldwide, free for everyone to share and enjoy.

We invite you to join us as our Flight From Shadow cast, crew, artisans and producers reconvene to give scheduled presentations, panels and appearances during Salt Lake Comic Con. We are excited to have you enjoy Comic Con with us as well as celebrate the culmination of this project!

All the best,

Jen McGrew

On the Flight from Shadow set. Mat and Rand, ready to run in full costume.

On the Flight from Shadow set. Mat and Rand, ready to run in full costume.



Flight from Shadow


Flight from Shadow

Set Photos

Abbie Warnock Photography


…of the Fantasy-Con pavilion under construction.
Designer Hraefn Wulfson will be adding images to this collection as the build moves forward so stay tuned!


Interview with Hraefn Wulfson
on The Event Horizon last March
is available for podcast download.
It is Episode 4.

Here’s the direct link, below:


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